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Hey all I have this idea for a manga that I would love to write at I'm asking two things. First tell me what you think of it (try not to be too mean) and second, if any artists out there would like to create this into a real manga with me. I have connections with a site called that would put up the manga in its own comic section and advertise it to thousands of visitors so it could become quite popular if we do it all right.
ANYWAY Manga idea:

A young boy has lost all his friends because of a tragic accident, he is seeing physciologists regularly and is really wondering if he is going mad because he swear he keeps seeing he sees his friends everywhere. This is all before he meets the ghost of a vengeful samurai girl....together they learn they have been brought together, the boy that can see the spirits and the girl who avenges spirits, because his friends were killed out of a feud.

Not the best blurb since I wrote it at 2am but well... I was thinking maybe the girl finally finds peace because of him and stops wandering earth killing the wrong, and he finally is able to accept the tragedy and his destiny to be a communicator to the spirits.

Soooo I would love some feedback and hopefully an artist who would love to go on this exciting journey with me :D
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Posu Garu

I made this picture with Manga Studio and Adobe photoshop CS3.  I hope you like it... I'm still working on perspective and proportions.



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